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Practical Origami: How to Fold
Fitted and Regular Sheets

fitted-sheet-preview.jpgOne of our readers asked whether origami could be applied to the problem of neatly folding those pesky fitted sheets.

The answer is yes!  Here's a systematic approach that will have your closet looking as neat as a pin.

We've also included steps for folding the flat sheet the same size as the fitted one.

Hanging out tip: Rather than draping your sheet entirely over the line, fold the sheet in half top to bottom.  Then clip the sheet to the line at the fold.  This makes both hanging and folding easier!

Before you begin folding:  If the sheets will be stored for a long time, begin folding them with the right side up.  This way any dust will collect on the wrong side, keeping the right side nice and clean.

To fold a fitted sheet:

1.     Lay the fitted sheet over a bed, table, ironing board, or railing.  The sides of our sheet naturally folded in.  You might need to adjust yours to make them look even.



2.     Fold a long side in along the edge.


3.     Repeat on the opposite side.


4.     If you are folding a twin sheet, at this point the edges should meet in the middle.

If you are folding a larger size sheet, fold the far side over again until the sides meet in the middle.


5.     Fold the first side on top, folding the whole thing half.

The result:



6.     Fold one end over to whatever depth you desire.

For example, if you are going to store the sheet on a shelf that is 12 inches deep, make this fold 12 inches from the end.  You'll learn to eyeball this!


7.     Fold the same end over two more times or until  it is approximately halfway to the other side.

Smooth it out.


8.     Fold the other end two times.


9.     "Tweak" how you fold the second end until the sheet looks like this with a gap in the middle.


10.  Fold the first end on top.



To fold the flat sheet to the same size as the fitted one:

1.     Fold the flat sheet in half, bottom to top.


2.     Fold the sheet in half, left side to right side.

Tip: Because this crease is right down the middle of the sheet, you can use this crease as a guide to laying the sheet evenly on the mattress when making the bed.


3.     Fold in half again, left side to right side.


4.     Fold in half again, but this time, right side to left side, putting the unfolded edges on top. 

If you are folding a sheet larger than twin size, you will need to adjust your folds to get this sheet the same width as the fitted one.


5.     Fold down the top end the same length as you did for the fitted sheet in Step 6.



6.     Fold the bottom end up, leaving a gap.



7.     Fold the first side on top, folding the whole thing half.




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