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Origami Model Library

Here are links to all of the origami folding instructions and book reviews on this site!  Tip: Use the Find function (Ctrl+F) to search for a word or phrase on this page.

This library also includes a Special Techniques section. Go>

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Bases and Display Models

origami-library-crane-base.jpg  Crane Base

origami-library-pinwheel.jpg  Pinwheel Base

origami-library-square-base.jpg  Square Base (preliminary fold)

origami-library-square-base-qg.jpg  Quick Guide to the Preliminary Fold

 origami-library-model-display-stand.jpg origami-library-stand-wcrane.jpg Model Display Stand

origami-library-waterbomb-base.jpg  Waterbomb Base


origami-library-paper-airplane-jet.jpg  Jet

Animals (see also Fish and Birds)

origami-library-cat.jpg  Cat (book review by Barbara Boxster)

origami-library-snake.jpg  Snake


origami-library-boat-catamaran.jpg  Catamaran Boat

Birds (see also Crane)

origami-library-swan.jpg  Swan


origami-library-bookmark-crane.jpg  Crane Bookmark

Boxes (see also Modular Origami)

 origami-library-candydishbox.jpg Candy Dish Box

origami-library-masu-bottom.jpgorigami-library-box-masu.jpg  Masu Box and Lid

Crane and Variations

origami-library-crane-traditional.jpg  Traditional

origami-library-crane-flapping.jpg  Flapping

origami-library-crane-puffybody.jpg  Puffy Body

origami-library-bookmark-crane.jpg  Crane Bookmark


origami-library-cup.jpg  Traditional Cup


origami-library-betta-fish.jpg  Betta

origami-library-goldfish.jpg  Easy Goldfish

origami-library-fancy-goldfish.jpg  Fancy Goldfish

Flowers, Leaves, & Fruit

origami-library-easter-lily.jpg  Easter Lily

origami-library-flower-forget-me-not.jpg  Easy Forget-Me-Not

  origami-library-iris-leaf.jpg Iris Leaves

origami-library-flower-japanese.jpgorigami-library-flower-japanese-00a.jpg  Japanese Friendship Flower (gift for newsletter subscribers)

origami-library-morning-glory.jpgMorning Glory and Two Heart-Shaped Variations

origami-library-lily-6petal.jpg  Six-Petal Lily

origami-library-strawberry.jpg  Strawberry

origami-library-tulip.jpg  Tulip

origami-library-tulip-leaf.jpgorigami-library-tulip-leafex.jpg Tulip Leaf


origami-library-hat-cup.jpg origami-library-cup-hat-brim.jpg  Cup Hat

origami-library-hat-1.jpg  Two-in-One Hat

Hearts and Valentines

origami-library-heart-01.jpg  Basic Heart

origami-library-cupids-arrow.jpg  Cupid's Arrow

origami-library-heart-with-tabs.jpg  Heart with Tabs (Heart-Shaped Ring or Scarf Holder)

origami-library-heart-flower.jpgorigami-library-4-heart-flower.jpg  Heart-Shaped Flowers

origami-library-heart-pull-apart-card.jpgpull-apart-card-open.jpg  Pull-Apart Heart Card

Holiday Ornaments

origami-library-ornament.jpg  Beaded Ornament

origami-library-pinwheel-ornament.jpg  Pinwheel Ornament

origami-library-star-of-bethlehem.jpg  Star of Bethlehem (traditional 4-point star)

origami-library-star-8pt.jpg  Sunburst 8-Point Star

Modular Origami

origami-library-modular-6piece.jpg Easy Six-Piece Modular Unit

Place Cards

origami-library-placecard.jpg  Model Display Stand (3 1/4 x 2 inch size)

Practical Origami

origami-library-bed-sheet.jpg  Bed Sheets

St. Patrick's Day

origami-library-shamrock.jpg  Shamrock (Four-Leaf Clover)

Sci-Fi and Space

origami-library-alien.jpg  Alien (book review by Rob Kunz)


betsy-ross-star-library.jpgbetsy-ross-one-cut-star-library.jpg  Betsy Ross One-Cut Star

origami-library-star-of-bethlehem.jpg  Star of Bethlehem (traditional 4-point star)

origami-library-star-8pt.jpg  Sunburst 8-Point Star


origami-library-pinwheel.jpg  Pinwheel

origami-library-boat-catamaran.jpg  Catamaran Boat


origami-library-vase-1.jpg  Model Display Stand

Special Techniques

How to Make Your Own Double-Sided Paper  Also good for strengthening and stiffening thin papers, such as foils.

How to Weather-Proof Your Paper

Make a Diorama

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