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Origami for Kids

Have an Origami Party!

Hi! I'm Maddie.  I had an origami party with my cousins and friend.

Barb brought all kinds of paper and taught us how to make boxes and stars and lots of other things.

I especially like making up my own origami, like this city.

In the photo below, we're showing just a few of the things we made.

Margaret's favorite was the star.  She made a giant one from scrapbook paper.  Angela made a bunch of flowers.  Izzy likes the fortune teller.


Have an origami party!  It's tons of fun!

Origami for Kids
September 2010


Make a Space Alien!

by Rob Kunz, age 10

You can find great origami books in any library.  I made this alien from Planet Origami by Steve Biddle and Megumi Biddle.

I used scrapbook paper that's silvery on one side.

Then I attached it to a  "Cranky."

The Cranky is great for this alien in two ways:

It lets the alien stand up, and you can wind it up to make him dance around.

To read more about Cranky, click here.

The book Planet Origami also has a galaxy made out of ten pieces of paper and an x-wing spacecraft made out of one piece of paper.


Meet the Artist-Writer:
Rob Kunz, Age 10

Rob is a talented origami artist from Wisconsin.

Recently, he's been into origami having to do with space and aliens.

Origami for Kids
June 2010

origami-for-kids-eli.jpgHi Everyone!

I'm Eli.  I learned how to make a box and a bug and my favorite, an origami snake.origami-snake-kids.jpg

I love origami!

To learn how to fold a snake, click the snake or click here.

Can you count the snakes in the photo below?

  • There are less than ten.
  • All but one are on the ground.
  • There are no red snakes.
  • There is one green snake. 
Tip: To see a larger, clearer picture, click the photo!

Ready for the answer?  Click here.

Origami for Kids
April-May 2010

Hi Everyone! origami-for-kids-Sarah-Ben.jpg
We are lucky to have a singer-songwriter friend, Ann Elizabeth-Nagel, who wrote, performed, and recorded the song below especially for us!!!  She has her own website: www.annelizabethnagel.com

origami-hat-kids-Ryan.jpgYou can sing along with Ann while folding!

You might like to try making a hat from a piece of newspaper like our friend Ryan did at his birthday party.

Have fun folding and singing!
--Sarah & Ben

The Origami Way

Geometric angles make
flowers, stars and even snakes
Imagine you can touch the sky
Make a plane, jump in and fly

Fold and crease the origami way
Fold and crease, your friends will say
Ooh, Ahh, how beautiful!

See that fish and how she swims?
You can make her, jump right in
See that frog and how he hopsorigami-betta-fishhm.jpg
Make him too, if you just stop, and

Fold and crease the origami way
Fold and crease, your friends will say
Ooh, Ahh, how beautiful!

Make a gift with your own hands
Show your love, I know you can
Origami is so fun
It brings a smile to everyoneorigami-crane-traditional-kids.jpg

Fold and crease the origami way
Fold and crease, your friends will say
Ooh, Ahh, how beautiful!
Ooh, Ahh, how beautiful!

The Origami Way
© 2010 Ann Elizabeth-Nagel
All rights reserved

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