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You'll find a variety of articles here:  some serious origami news reporting, some "bloggy" personal stories, and, hopefully, some inspiration, too.

Recycle Your Greeting Cards - February 2011

See what I turned this pile of cards into!

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Fold a Cure - October 2010

origami-news-foldit-intro.jpgA recent discussion on my local public radio station grabbed my attention when the guest speaker described a website named FolditRead more >

5 Ways Origami is Extremely Good
for Kids, Seniors, and Everyone in Between  


Do you ever feel like a hamster...

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You Might Be An Artist If ...

origami-box-art.jpgThink you're not an artist?  You might be surprised like I was...

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On Origami and the Benefits Being Late for a Haircut


Box design by Arnold Tubis
Folded by Barbara Boxster

A funny thing happened to me at the hair salon several weeks ago...

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