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Origami Smartphone Stand 
I love this model because it is beautiful and very useful. For making this origami stand I followed instructions on youtube downloaded by Leyla Torres. …

New origami tulip - 16 petals 
Make two water bomb bases. Insert the second into first one and make tulip diagram. After folding, cut all corners that close and open all petals one by …

origami new tulip 8 petal 
Blintz fold tulip fold diagram new version in tulip. it created by me.

Origami by James Goddard from New York 
This is a 47th Stellation of Icosaherdron, by Meenakshi Mukerji. (60 piece module 12 X 5 colors needed) I call this 5 pyramids converging through each …

My First Kusudama Flower Ball 
Just my first try to make a Kusudama :)

Plants & Animals 
These are some pictures of plants and animals I have folded.

origami greeting cards 
I did these origami cards in time for the birthday of my mom, who taught me the flapping bird origami when I was a kid.

My kabuto (samurai helmet) 
I created this model which is a variation of the classic origami kabuto. The first step is to border-graft the paper. I learned this technique from Robert …

flower photo frame 
It is my own work. 8 paper half birdbase. Hope you like it.

Origami by Sara from Egypt 
I tried to learn from tutorials and I made this :))

Owen's Origami 
There are 22 units-4 hearts and 18 16-point star points. It was an early valentine for my mom. I saw something similar on

Origami Flowers and Dragons by Bob 
I made this for an open house at the local Japanese Cultural Centre. Editor's note: Learn more about the Cultural Centre at The …

These are origami roses.

A new flower 
This flower is one of the first origami models I have made, but I am very proud of it. I have just started to learn origami from the internet and make …

Francisco Valdés Origami from Chile 
I'm starting folding models from diagrams I had found in Internet. I think this Hobby could open complete new worlds of imagination and creativity to …

Ornnie's Origami 
I made this swan for my boyfriend.

book kusudama flower 
i had an old falling-apart book and, rather than throw it out, i thought it should do something useful with it.

Origami by Pete Smith 
20 to 30 double sided paper models

Wilson School's All-About-Origami Page 
Barb from All About Origami visited Mrs. Schmale's class and showed her and her 18 students how to make puppies and kitties. To prepare for the workshop, …

Inner Gift Boxes 
I learned this box at a Japanese harvest moon-viewing festival, where it was called a "Japanese altar" not a "candy box." It's amazingly strong -- I have …

My Valentines 
Hi! We loved your origami workshop! The next day, my mom and I made 24 hearts for my teacher and class. I also showed my classmates how to make them …

Animal and Bird Diorama 
I like to arrange various animal models in a diorama. I made this many years ago for a kids' workshop at an annual convention of the Wisconsin Woodland …

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