All About Origami's Copyright Policy

All About Origami LLC gives permission for the use and reproduction of the information on this site for personal, non-commercial use only.

Many origami models and their folding instructions, and even the designs on papers, are protected by copyright laws. Very old or “traditional” models are not copyrighted.

It is the policy of All About Origami LLC to respect the rights of copyright holders, which include designers, artists, diagrammers, and authors.

It is often difficult to determine the rightful owner of a copyright, or whether a model is, in fact, protected by copyright. Before presenting a model on our site, our staff conducts extensive research to make the best possible determination.

We operate under the belief that most designers are willing to share their models and their folding sequences as long as we are not selling their designs and due credit is given. We, therefore, list our sources in the folding instructions. If we discover multiple sources by different authors, we list the source with the oldest copyright date.

If we have a high degree of confidence we know who the designer is, we identify the designer as such in our instructions. In addition, we encourage our readers to further explore that designer’s work and books. We never document models where the sole source is a Web site.

We never reproduce facsimiles of folding diagrams or instructions that are not our own work. All instructions, photos, and illustrations, while frequently based on a designer’s model, are our own work.

We acknowledge that, despite our due diligence, our source or the identified designer may not be the rightful copyright holder.

If you see an error on our site or an inadvertent infringement of a copyright, please let us know so that we can make the necessary correction.
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