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My Favorite Origami Cat             

origami-cat.jpgBook Review & Tips

My favorite origami cat is this one designed by Chris Alexander.

Chris provides detailed instructions in his book Difficult Origami.  I discovered the book at my local library.

Don't be put off by the book's title.  The models in it might be challenging for a first-time folder, but are quite do-able by anyone with a little experience.

I especially like this cat because of its curly tail.  Besides giving the model a bit of class, the tail also helps it stand nicely.  A piece of wire glued in the tail makes the model even more stable.  You could use a twist-tie for this.

I made the small orange cat out of standard 6-inch paper.  I made the black cat from large 13¾-inch paper available in our store.  To make the large cat more sturdy, I inserted a piece of thin cardboard into the body.  An empty tissue box or cereal box is a good source of cardboard.

Difficult Origami also includes instructions for the traditional origami lily, a speedboat, a picture frame, a lop-eared rabbit, a crested bird (shown on the cover), and an inflatable frog.

The book includes a Fun Facts section, a glossary, and more.

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