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How to Fold an Origami
Morning Glory
and Two Heart-Shaped Variations

Origami Morning Glory and VariationsThis is a very simple, traditional model. The flower can be cut into a variety of shapes.  We've designed two heart-shaped variations.

Tip:  If you will be making a heart variation, you might want to practice cutting a heart out of a piece of scrap paper folded in half.  You’ll want to have your technique down before you cut into your model. The prettiest hearts are plump and curvaceous.

1.      Important:  Start with the colored side up.  The flower is going to be whatever color is up when you start.

2.      Fold a square base (also known as a preliminary base).

 Origami Morning Glory Steps 1-2-3

4.      Working with the top layer, fold in the lower sides to meet the center crease.

Origami Morning Glory Step 4

5.      Turn the model over and repeat Step 4. 

You have a kite shape.

Origami Morning Glory Step 5

6.      Fold model in half, bottom to top, to make a crease.

Tip:  Since it’s really thick at this step, creasing with the back of a spoon might be helpful.

Origami Morning Glory Step 6

7.      Open the flower by folding the top layer toward you along the crease you just made.

Origami Morning Glory Step 7

8.      Notice how the flower has four sections or petals.

     Squash-fold the two side petals into perfect little squares.

Together, the four sections form a square flower.

9.      Using the instructions below, cut the shape you want.

Morning Glory

Single Heart

Four Hearts

Origami Morning Glory Step 8aOrigami Morning Glory Step 8bOrigami Morning Glory Step 8c

10.  To make the model stand on its own, fold the tip of the stem up, and increase the angle between the flower and the stem.

Origami Morning Glory Step 10Origami Morning Glory Step 11

To make the traditional morning glory:

1.      Fold the lower half of the flower up, forming a triangle.

2.      Fold the model in half.

Origami Morning Glory Cut Step 1

3.      Cut a quarter circle.

Tip:  It’s easy to cut more, but impossible to put part of it back if you cut too much.

Origami Morning Glory Cut Step 3Origami Morning Glory Cut Step 3a

4.      Open the flower and make any touch-ups you want.

Origami Morning Glory Cut Step 11


To make the single-heart variation:

1.      Fold the model in half the long way.  Here’s where your heart-cutting practice pays off.

Origami Morning Glory Heart Step 1

2.      Cut a half-heart.  It’s okay to cut through any part of the model, except the stem (the part below the thumb in this photo).
Tip:  To avoid cutting the stem, it might be necessary to pull the bottom tip of the heart away from the stem a little bit.

Origami Morning Glory Heart Step 2

3.     Open the heart and check your progress.

4.      Do any re-folding and/or re-cutting until you have the shape you like.

5.    Looking at the heart, notice how you can see bits of the back, like above the index finger in this photo.  If this doesn't bother you, you're done. Good job!

Origami Morning Glory Single Heart Variation

6.      (Optional) Working on the back side, trim these bits until you like the result. 

As long as you don’t cut into the “face” of the flower or the stem, you can cut away quite a bit without harm to the model.

Origami Morning Glory Hear Step 6

To make the four-heart variation:

This is our logo at the top of the window.  It’s a tricky cut that might require some practice.

1.      Fold the lower half of the flower up.

2.      Fold the model in half.

Origami Four-Heart Flower Step 1

3.      Cut two mini hearts.  But notice you only cut the upper part of the lobes.  The lower parts of the hearts are formed by the folds.

Origami Four-Heart Cut

4.      Open the flower and make any touch-ups you want.

Origami Four-Heart Flower

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