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Origami News & Views    October 2010 

Fold a Cure
by Barbara Boxster

A recent discussion on my local public radio station grabbed my attention when the guest speaker—a scientist from the University of Washington-Seattle, described a website named Foldit.

As stated on the site, "Foldit is a revolutionary new computer game enabling you to contribute to important scientific research."

By playing the game, which is free, you could potentially contribute to cures for such diseases as AIDS, cancer, and Alzheimer's.

What you fold on Foldit are representations of proteins, "the workhorses in every cell of every living thing."

The proteins don't look much like origami, but the game might appeal to the same parts of your brain that are drawn to origami:  the challenge of learning something new, solving puzzles, analyzing spatial relationships, and so forth.
Illustration courtesy of http://fold.it

The site includes a link to a wiki with helpful information for newcomers.

Check it out!  Click here to go to the Foldit site.

Click here for another article about Foldit.

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