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How to Fold an Origami 
Valentine Card - Cupid's Arrow

Example arrowHere are the instructions for the arrow part of this origami valentine card.

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The arrow is super simple and can be made from any piece or scrap of paper about 3 inches square.

1.     Cut the paper in half.  This does need to be a precise cut.


2. Fold one of the pieces in thirds. origami-valentine-arrow2

3.     Cut an angle in one end or use your own creativity to design the arrow's fletching.


4.     That half is done.  

     On other piece of paper, fold two corners in to meet in the middle, forming a point.

5. Fold this piece in thirds. origami-valentine-card-arrow5
6.  Glue to your card or heart. origami-valentine-arrow6

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