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How to Make a
Fish Bowl for Your Origami Fish

origami-fishbowl-example.jpgIf you make a beautiful origami fish, such as this betta fish, a fish bowl like this is a great way to display it.

We were inspired by the betta vases with the plant growing out of the top.

The top provides a surface from which to suspend the fish.

Check around your house for containers.  Maybe you already have an old unused fish tank and some plastic aquatic plants.

We found some snack containers that were good candidates.

We decided our fish was worthy of a glass bowl with a plant saucer for the lid.

You could add more origami fish and other origami creatures to the top, such as a snake.


•  A container with lid or plant saucer
•  Needle and thread
•  Cellophane tape
•  Wire cutter
•  Decorative stones
    (available at "dollar stores")
•  Artificial foliage for inside bowl
•  Your origami fish or the paper for it

For the foliage top:
•  Florist styrofoam, a half ball is ideal
•  Florist sticky clay
•  Spanish moss
•  Artificial foliage
Assembly Instructions

Make the foliage top:

Caution:  Spanish moss is very messy!  Work over newspaper, or a sink, or outdoors.

1. Using wire cutters, cut the foliage off the main stem, leaving strong stems.

2. Attach the styrofoam to the saucer using sticky clay.

3.  Cover the styrofoam with moss.

4. Secure the moss by sticking the sprigs of foliage into the styrofoam.


Decorate the bowl:

1. Arrange the stones in the bottom.

2. Using wire cutters, cut sprigs of foliage off the main stem, leaving a long stem.

3. Bend the stems so the sprigs can be securely held under a pile of stones.

4. Arrange the plants around the sides and back of the bowl.

5. Tie a large knot in a long piece of thread and thread the needle.

6. With the betta fish model, you can avoid making needle holes in the exterior of the fish.  Sew the thread to the inner folds of paper in the fish's back.

We found the balance point for this fish was about a quarter inch behind the point on the back (at arrow).

7. Tape the thread to the lid or saucer.

8. Adjust the thread length so the fish hangs where you want it.  Then cut the excess thread.

Enjoy your new treasure!

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