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How to Fold an Origami Flower
Iris Leaf

Source: Origami Treasure Chest by Keiji Kitamura.  Variation by Barbara Boxster.

origami-iris-leafThis simple leaf is a nice addition to flowers in a Display Stand.

To avoid having white edges show, use color copy paper, which is green on both sides.


For a small leaf, use a 5½ inch square cut from a piece of solid green paper, or a standard 5 7/8 inch (15 cm) piece of origami paper.

For a large leaf, use an 8½ inch square.

This uses a triangular half sheet of paper, so you will be able to make two sets from a single sheet of square paper.

1.     Cut the paper in half, corner to corner, so you have a triangle.  See cutting tips.

2.     Orient as shown, white side up, if there is one.

3.    Fold the lower right edge up to meet the top edge.  Really take your time to make a nice pointy tip.

4.     Likewise, fold the lower left edge to meet the top.


 Origami iris leaf steps1-4

5.     Fold the lower half up.  This fold determines the spread of the leaves.  Adjust to your liking.

6.      Unfold.


Origami iris leaf steps5-6

7.     Fold the upper half in half, but only crease as far as the crease you made in Step 5.  Again, take your time to make a nice neat tip.

8.     Unfold.

Origami iris leaf step7

9.    Repeat Steps 7 and 8 for the lower half.

You have a thing like a curved canoe.


Origami iris leaf step7
Origami iris leaf step9b

10.  Squeeze the middle of the canoe together and gently fold in half using the crease you made in Step 5.


Origami iris leaf step10

11.  Hold the upper half flat while you flatten and crease the lower portion.


Origami iris leaf step11

12.  It’s ready to be inserted in the Model Display Stand, along with flower(s) of your choice.

Go to the Model Library for  instructions for flowers and the display stand.


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