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How to Fold an Origami Flower
Tulip Leaf

origami-flower-tulip-leaf.jpgWe found this easy origami flower leaf in Super Simple Origami by Irmgard Kneissler.

origami-flower-tulip-leaf-ex01.jpgThis leaf makes a great backdrop for an origami flower arrangement, with or without a tulip.

Below we've used it as a sturdy base for some Forget-Me-Nots.origami-flower-tulip-leaf-ex2.jpg

  • 1 sheet of perfectly square paper.
We used a piece of 8½x11-inch piece textured art paper and cut it square.  We used the scrap piece for the small leaves.  Art paper, contruction paper, and color copy paper have the advantage of having color on both sides so you don't have any white edges showing.
Click to see cutting tips.

1.     Begin the white side (or un-textured side) up, if applicable, and fold corner to corner.

2. Unfold.


3.  Fold two sides to the center crease.  Strive for perfection in folding the narrow tip!

Tip: If you are working with thicker paper, cut off the two flaps you just created by carefully cutting along the crease lines.  Save all the scraps for small leaves and a base.


4.  Fold the same sides in again.


5.     Spin the model around and fold the two remaining sides to the center crease.



6.     Fold the lower portion up.  How far up you fold it depends on how you want it to look for your project.


7.     Fold the whole thing half with the shorter piece on the outside, but do not crease yet.


8.     Gently pull the smaller leaf out to whatever angle you like, and then crease.


Nice work!

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