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Origami for Kids
February 2010

Photo of Sarah and her five origami heart rings
Hi! My name is Sarah.  This
page is all about origami for kids by kids.

Closeup of origami heart rings

I made all these origami heart rings. They are so easy!

This picture is a link to the folding steps. >

I'm going to make one of these for my mom for Valentine's Day.

Photo of Sarah and her origami heart scarf holderMy favorite one is this one holding my scarf. >

I'm lucky to have a grandma that has a lot of origami paper around.

Even if you all you have is some plain white paper, you can still make a ring like this right now.

I'll show you how!

materials for origami heart ring< Get a piece of paper like this.  You will need some glue, too, and scissors if you have them, but you don't have to have the scissors. A crayon or marker to color it would be good, too.

You will need to cut out a small square of paper.  I'll show you how to do it without a ruler.

If you want to make a small-size ring, make the square this way (makes a 2¾-inch square):
Step 1 Step 2Step 3
If you don't get what the picture is showing, move your cursor over it to see a tooltip.

If you want your ring to hold a scarf or if you're going to make a ring for a grownup with big hands, make the square this way (a 3¼-inch square):
Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 3

If you don't have scissors, fold the paper where you would cut it.  Fold the paper both ways back and forth many times until it you can tear it easily.

I know a trick to make it really easy to tear.

I dip my finger in water.  I shake off any drips.  I run my finger along the fold so that it is just a little wet.  Too wet is not good.  Then I unfold it and carefully tear it.  It works pretty good.

If you have your little square of paper, click below to go to the steps for folding the ring.

Before you go, though, I want to tell you something that happened to me the first time I tried to make this ring.  I missed the step that said to turn it over.  That can really mess you up!  I hope that helps.

If you are going to decorate the heart, it's best if you don't glue the ring until after you do that.

See you back here when you are done!

Click to go to the steps for folding the Heart Ring 

Now that you have your ring you can decorate it if you want.Red ring with sequin

There are about a thousand ways to decorate your ring. You can just color it red.  If you have some sequins or jewels you can glue them on.
Bling for the ringMy grandma let me look in the drawer where she keeps her stuff for her nails.

I found some glittery polish and some nail decorations that I used for these rings.

If you are making the ring for a grownup or to hold a scarf, it might need to be bigger.  All you have to do is glue in a piece of paper like this: >extender

All done?  NOW  glue the ends of the ring. AWESOME!

Heart ring with message example 1Before I say bye I want to tell you one more thingHeart ring with message example 2 that is cool about this ring.

You can put a tiny note in one of the pockets on the front, or in the cute little pocket on the back which I like best. >

See you next month with more origami for kids by kids!


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