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How to Fold an Origami
Heart with Tabs

origami-heart-with-tabs-done1.jpgSource: Holiday Origami by Fumiaki Shingu.  His website is origami-club.com.

Mr. Shingu uses this origami heart as a box decoration.origami-heart-with-tabs-redring.jpg

We’ve invented a few more uses for it, such as a ring and scarf holder.

origami-heart-with-tabs-scarf-holder.jpgIt can also be used to make Valentine cards, as described on our Valentine’s Day Projects page.

Something nice about this origami heart is that the colored or patterned side of the paper shows in the front slit, rather than the white side, since it tends to spread apart when used as a ring.

origami-heart-with-tabs-paper.jpgIt calls for paper ΒΌ the size of a standard 5 7/8 inch (15 cm) piece of origami paper, or about 3 inches square.

Of course, you can make it any size you like.

See our cutting tips page and/or Sarah's page for tips.

1.      Begin with the white side of the paper up.

2.      Fold the paper in half, side-to-side, both ways, and unfold.  You should have the creases shown.


3.      Fold two opposite sides in to meet in the middle.

4.      Turn over and orient as shown.


5.       Fold the two lower corners up to meet the top edge.

6.      Turn the model over.  Notice the long, skinny rectangle.


7.      Grab all of the layers of the rectangle at the top edge and fold down about 1/3 of the way.

Tip:  Folding a third can be tricky. Try this: Start as if you were going to fold the rectangle in half, but then back off a bit before creasing.

And, don't worry it doesn't have to be exact.



8.      Working under just the top layer on one side, slide one index finger toward the middle to form a little pocket.


9.      With the other index finger, squash-fold the pocket into a tiny triangle.


10.  Repeat the squash-fold on the other side.


11.  Fold  down the two new corners even with the top of the tab.


12. Turn the model over and look the heart you’ve made.


13. If the tops of heart lobes look a little pointy, you can fold the very top edge of each lobe down a tiny bit to give them a more rounded shape.


14.  Fold in the tabs as far as they will go without tearing.

Your heart is done!



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To make a ring or scarf holder:

1.      For a ring, put the heart around the intended finger to see how far the tabs need to overlap to fit correctly.

    You might need to make the ring larger for a scarf holder. If so, add an extender: a strip of paper the same width as the tab.  To make the extender strong, use a piece of paper folded in thirds.

2.      Use quick drying adhesive to glue the tabs together to form the ring.

ring extender


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