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Origami for Mother's Day   


Delight Mom with a handcrafted gift for Mother's Day.  Here are three ideas to get you started.

Quick-n-Easy Origami Flower Bouquet 

Materials (for 8 flowers)
  • 2 pieces of double-sided or regular 6-inch square origami paper cut in quarters (or 8 pieces of 3-inch square paper)
  • one piece of green textured paper (or any paper that's green on both sides)
  • 8 cloth-wrapped floral stems or pipe cleaners
  • small inexpensive bud vase from a "dollar store," for example
  • quick-dry adhesive or any clear-drying glue (optional)
  • florist tape (optional)
  1. Fold eight easy Forget-Me-Nots.
  2. Curl one end of a floral stem or pipe cleaner to make the flower center.
  3. Attach the flower to the stem.  Tip: First, poke a tiny starter hole in the tip of the flower with something like a skewer or bead reamer.
  4. If the flowers tend to slide down the stem, put a tiny drop of glue at the base of the flower.
  5. Arrange the flowers in the vase, cutting the stems to the desired lengths.
  6. Cut leaves from the green paper.  See Step 3 of the Easter Lily for one method of doing this.
  7. (Optional) Attach the leaves to leftover stem wire with floral tape.
  8. Add the leaves to your arrangement.
Easy Floral Wreath 

This wreath is a lovely decoration for home or work.

It's identical on both sides so it looks great in a window or hanging as a mobile.

When made from standard 6-inch paper, it's 7ΒΌ inches across.

A smaller size would make a nifty coaster set.

If you've yet to make a modular ring like this, we suggest you get one of Tomoko Fuse's books and try it.  You will like it!tomoko-fuse-rings.jpg

This wreath is "Ring 1" in her book Origami Rings & Wreaths.

It requires eight modules, one piece of paper for each.  The folding process is very easy.

The paper we used is Yasutomo Myabi, a double-sided paper.  (Call your local artist supply store or copy that phrase into your search engine and you'll find a seller.)


The Myabi paper has a semi-glossy surface that makes assembling the units a breeze, as well as making a beautifully colored wreath.

One-of-a Kind Heart Cardorigami-heart-pull-apart-card00.jpg

Hearts represent love at anytime of the year.

This unique Pull-Apart Heart Card has been very popular with our readers.

It's based on one by Charlene Olexiewicz in her book 50 Nifty Super More Origami Crafts.

Find more ideas for Mom's Day by browsing through our collection of Valentine projects.

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