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How to Make a Vase of
Origami Heart Flowers

Origami heart flowers in a vaseThese origami heart flowers are one of simplest origami folds, so you can make a bunch in a short time.

I designed a table-top arrangement.  With a large vase and branches, you could scale this up to a dramatic floor-standing arrangement.


            • Seven origami heart flowers, two from 6-inch-square paper, two from 5-inch, and four from 4-inch (or all of the same size, if you prefer). 
            • Real or artificial branches.
            • Glitter spray, optional.  I used red glitter on the flowers and gold on the stems.

            • Craft glue or hot glue, optional.
Tip:  If using glitter spray, allow adequate time for setting up your work area and for drying. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin this project.  I loved the results using glitter - the photo doesn't do it justice.

Note:  If you use basic origami paper for the flowers, the stems will be white.  To avoid this, I went to my local print shop for sheets of solid red 8½ x 11 paper.  I cut it into squares with my paper trimmer.  Most print shops can cut it for you, or they will have a cutter you can use free of charge.  Avoid the old-style “guillotine” paper cutters; it’s virtually impossible to cut a square with them.

Dogwood branches are ideal for this project because of their distinctive red color.  They are easy to spot in a winter landscape.

When selecting branches, look for ones that have several horizontal twigs.

If you will be cutting your own branches, please be sure you have any necessary approval.  To avoid damage, you might also want to review proper pruning methods for the type of plant you will be using.


    1.  Fold the origami heart flowers.

    2. (Optional) Spray the hearts and branches with glitter.  Allow to dry.

    3.  Arrange the branches in a vase or other container.

    4.  Hang the hearts on the branches, with or without glue.

I wanted to be able to remove the hearts for storage, so I avoided gluing them to the branches.  If you prefer, you could glue them on with craft glue or hot glue.  Selecting branches with horizontal twigs helps avoid the need for glue.


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