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How to Make Your Own 
Double-Sided Origami Paper

If you want to make a model where both sides of the paper show, considerorigami-star-8pt-lam.jpg this technique for gluing two sheets of paper together.

This process can also be used to stiffen and strengthen thin papers, such as foils.

I call it "laminating" because, when you use the adhesive I recommend, the two pieces are perfectly joined into one piece, with no wrinkles.

Shiny or glittery holiday wrapping paper can be laminated to itself or to basic origami paper.  For this 8-point star, I laminated foiled wrapping paper to red origami paper.

I recommend a paper trimmer to cut the paper to size after laminating.


  • Two pieces of paper, one larger than the other.  Can be origami paper, wrapping paper, or any combination of light-weight papers.
Neither piece of paper has to be square.

The smaller piece should be at least the size you want for your model.

  • Spray adhesive.  My favorite is 3M Spray Mount.  Spray-Ment is my second choice.  I found these at my local specialty art-supply store:
    Artist and Display.

1.     Thoroughly read the instructions on the spray can.

Note: Some products include a wait time of a few seconds before putting the papers together.


2.     Lay the papers colored side down on newspaper or other scrap paper.

Spray the smaller piece with the adhesive.


3.     After any wait time, lay the smaller piece on the larger one.

Carefully smooth out the top piece.

Allow to dry and trim to size.


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