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How to Fold an
8-Pointed Origami Star

origami-star-8pt-main.jpgThis beautiful traditional origami star is also known as the sunburst star.

It's made of two interlocking units and is equally beautiful on both sides.

Double-sided paper (colored on both sides) is ideal.

For this red and green star, I laminated foiled wrapping paper to two pieces of plain red origami paper.

Click for lamination instructions.
After making the star, I added an old pierced earring to the center.  Two individual beads, one on each side, looks nice, too.

origami-star-blue-beaded.jpgYou can have fun making this star from a variety of sizes, colors, and types of paper, and then embellishing them with glitter and beads.
I made this pink origami star as a special gift for a friend.  I photographed her treasured heirloom quilt, and then cut a square from the printed photo. >

        • Two pieces of square paper, any size, but both the same size.  Double-sided is ideal.
        • Quick-drying adhesive or any white craft glue (optional)
        • Glitter spray (optional)
This star and the fancy beaded version are available as classes, too.
Click for info.

1.     Fold each piece of paper into a pinwheel base.

Tip: If you are using double-sided paper - for example, two pieces that are green on one side and red on the other, begin folding one green side up, and the other red side up.


2.     Crease the triangular flaps in the other direction.


3.     Stand the triangular flaps up.


4.     Open one like a mouth and then...


5.     Squash-fold it into a little square.

Tip: If you have trouble with this step, you might find it helpful to review the instructions for the square base, beginning at Step 10.


6.     Repeat with the other three triangular flaps so that you have four little squares.

Tip:  If you've folded an origami crane, these squares should look familiar.  You are going to fold each of them like half of a crane base.


7.  Fold two inner sides of a square to the center line, forming a kite shape.


8.    Fold the triangle at the top of the kite down.

Crease well.


9.    Unfold back to the square.

Note the triangular crease pattern you made.


10. Starting in the center of the piece, peel up the top layer and fold back on the crease you made in Step 8 (at the arrow).


11. Collapse the sides in on the existing creases, forming a diamond shape.

Tip: If you have trouble with this step, I suggest you practice folding a crane base.


12. Repeat Steps 7 through 11 on the remaining three squares.


13. Turn the model over.


14. Fold the four little triangles toward the center.

Crease well.

This completes one of the two units.

Fold the second unit from the other pinwheel base.


15. Place the two units together, back to back, and use the little triangles to lock the pieces together.

Be sure to use all 8 triangles, 4 on each side.

Spraying a star made of regular origami paper with glitter spray works really well and helps the star hold its shape.


16. If you want, you can glue the two pieces together by putting a drop of glue under each of the 8 triangles (4 on each side).

I use clothespins as clamps while the glue dries.

Enjoy your origami star.  It makes a great gift, too!


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