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How to Fold an
Origami Strawberry



A single piece of square paper, color on both sides is ideal.

My favorite sizes of paper are 4½" for a regular berry and 3" square for little ones.

If you have regular red origami paper, you can paint the leaves green.

The origami strawberry is a very old model.

I was reminded of it recently when I found one in a box of things from my early childhood.

Kids love it because they get to inflate it by blowing in the hole at the top.

I made the wreath below from a silk ivy plant.  I added some white silk flowers that resemble strawberry blossoms.

You could make origami blossoms from small white forget-me-nots.
You might like a marker or gel pen to paint seeds on your strawberry.

You can make a basket filled with a variety of fun, funky colors!

How to Fold an Origami Strawberry

1.     Starting with the leaf-colored side up, fold the paper into a
square base.


2.     You are going to  squash-fold each of the four flaps.


3.     As you squash each flap, be sure to line up the crease as indicated by the dashed line.

Move your finger or creasing tool in the direction of the arrow.

I find a light brushing motion works well.

A chopstick is handy for opening up the tip.



4.     When all four flaps are squashed, you have a kite shape.


5.  Turn the flaps like pages in a book until you have a solid-colored "kite" with four flaps on each side.


6.    Fold the two upper edges to the center line.

Repeat on all four solid-colored "kites," page-turning as necessary.



7.    Fold the four leaves down.



8.      Like before, page-fold to a solid shape with four flaps on each side.


9.     Fold the two upper edges to the center line, creasing well.

I use my favorite creasing tool at this point.  Read more about it on the tips page.

Repeat on all four sides.



10. Lift out the four leaves.

Now for the fun!  Gently inflate your origami strawberry by blowing in the hole.

Tip:  To flatten the tip like a real strawberry, gently press the tip against the table as you blow.


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