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How to Make an Origami
Free-Standing Heart Flower

origami-heart-flower.jpgNothing could be simpler.  Surprise someone by secretly putting a sparkly origami heart on their desk or bedside table.


            • Red or pink paper, same color on both sides (recommended), 5- to 6-inches square
            • Red or metallic glitter spray, optional
              Tip:  If using, please read the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin this project.  Allow adequate time for setting up your work area and for drying.
            • Calligraphy pen in a metallic shade, optional

Note:  If you use basic origami paper, the stem will be white.  To avoid this, we went to our local print shop for sheets of 8½ x 11 solid red paper.  We cut it into 5½ inch squares with our paper trimmer.  Most print shops can cut it for you, or they will have a cutter you can use free of charge.  Avoid the old-style “guillotine” paper cutters; it’s virtually impossible to cut a perfect square with them.


1.      Fold the Morning Glory Single-Heart Variation.

2.       Unless you did already, fold the stem as shown here.

Origami heart flower backview

3.   (Optional) Spray with glitter spray.

Tips:  If the heart keeps falling over, try increasing the angle between the flower and the stem.  If it still falls over, you could whip up a Model Display Stand from ordinary white paper, or any paper you like.origami-heart-flower-with-message.jpg

Bonus idea:  You could write a short message on the face of the heart using a metallic pen.

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