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How to Fold an
Origami Pinwheel,
Catamaran Boat, or Ornament


The origami pinwheel is a fun and easy model, great for beginners. 


It's also the base for other models, like the catamaran boat above and the delightful 8-point sunburst star.

The boat can be used as a double candy dish.

< This origami ornament is made from three origami pinwheels, each from a different size paper:  6", 4", and 2".  (Alternatively, you could use 6", 6", and 3", and blintz fold the smaller two first. See Tip below.)

An inexpensive pierced earring is holding the three pinwheels together at the center point.

To make a two-sided ornament, you could attach another set of two smaller pinwheels to the back.  Poke a string through one of the arms, and it's ready to hang.

Materials (for one pinwheel or boat)
  • One piece of square paper, any size
Tip: To make a pinwheel where the insides of the arms display the colored side, blintz-fold it before beginning the steps below. 

This also makes a sturdier pinwheel since the paper is double-thick and all the edges are folded.

Blintz-folding results in a smaller pinwheel, so adjust the paper size accordingly.

1.     Start with the paper white side up (or with the flaps up if using a blintz fold).

Blintz fold (see Tip above):


2.     Fold in half side to side.


3.     Unfold.


4.     Fold two opposite sides to the center crease.


5.     Unfold and turn one quarter to orient as shown.


6.     Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Unfold and you have a 4x4 grid of little square creases.


7.  Fold corner to corner.


8.    Unfold.


9.    Fold the other two corners together.


10. Unfold and place it white side down.


11. Fold all four corners to the center point.


12. Unfold and place it colored side down.


13. Using existing creases, fold two opposite sides to the center crease.  It doesn't matter which two sides.

At the next step, you will fold along the two creases marked with dashes.


14. Using the existing creases, fold the inner edges of the upper half down and out.

Collapse the upper half completely, folding the corners of the paper in half along the creases you made earlier.


15. Repeat with the lower half.


16. To make a catamaran boat, skip to Step 17.

To make a pinwheel, fold two of the triangles so that all four arms of the pinwheel are facing the same direction.

You could use a pin to attach your origami pinwheel to a stick.

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17. To make a catamaran boat or double candy dish, turn the model over.


18. Fold the top half down.


19. Set it upright and open the two compartments.

You could make a sail for your origami boat with a stick, some more paper, and glue.


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